YouTube Inspirations

YouTube Inspirations

YouTube has recently become one of my top resources for self-development and meeting like-minded people (virtually). In 2016, out of boredom,  I stumbled upon YouTube and it’s vlog nation. Surprised with how enormous the community was,  I started to get involved and build a community of my own. Without Youtube Vlogs I can proudly say my life would not be the same. Learning, growing and virtually meeting people that share similar experiences or goals was a great feeling. YouTube Vloggers  have helped me accept myself more while teaching me how to accept the world around me. In my opinion, Vloggers have become a modern day therapist and friend that requires no work .

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Below  I have provided a list of my inspirational Vloggers or Series.

1. Latoya’s Life

Latoya’s Life is based on a vlogger name Latoya, go figure. Her vlog series is follows her every day life, beginning with the day she learned she was pregnant. Latoya has captured many hearts with her high-energy and willingness to be open. Although her channel holds 666,243 subscribers, she remains very humble.

“What’s Underneath Project”