Your Other Half

Reflection #6

Your Other Half

Today I watched the below You Tube video of a woman saying her vows to her now husband. I couldn’t help but just cry and reflect on the very thought of finding my other half. Is it even possible?

She begins the video stating all her insecurities that she thought would steer away her now husband. This made me begin to think, what are insecurities?

We all feel them. We all believe that they are there. However, why are insecurities insecurities? If you really think about it, your insecurities are what makes you you. Your insecurities are what makes you different. So in that case they shouldn’t be listed as insecurities. As I’ve stated before, you are who you want to be. But you also need to realize, you are who you are meant to be. Don’t compare yourself to others. You need to live and breathe your insecurities because they are your means for individualization.

Think about it like this, would you rather be apart of a crowd? Or would you rather be apart from the crowd? Me, Myself and I would prefer to be apart from the crowd. Real love comes from within. Once you love yourself you will not seek love or acceptance from anyone else. Once you receive love from someone else, you will then realize you are just that great of a person.Not in a way of confirmation but in a way of validation. This video really made me feel reassured about that.

A lot of people settle for what they think they deserve. Settle for people they feel they deserve. Unfortunately that shouldn’t be the case.  I think  people are just scared of being alone. So they decrease their personal value in order to feel some type of value from someone else.

In this video the woman seemed to have been through a lot. She was very thankful to finally have met her now husband. I can only speak for myself but it seems that a huge population of woman just desire love. Desire appreciation. Desire a sense of completion. But why do we need to receive love in order to feel love. Love comes from within.

This brings me to my next question, what is the definition of finding your other half? Or is there even another half to you? The woman in this video brought up a great point, she told her now husband that he doesn’t complete her.

My purpose of this post is to make you realize to stop looking for another half. You are whole. There is no other half, but there can be an addition. Stop looking for confirmation from the opposite sex because confirmation is not your validation.  Once you appreciate yourself, you will get appreciated. Your insecurities are not insecurities, they are just what makes you you.