Your Not Accepted Here

Reflection #2

Your Not Accepted Here

Today’s post is about work attire and uniforms.

Lately, I’ve found myself rebelling against the standard “corporate wear”. Working at an investment firm doesn’t give much room for originality or “trend setting”, so it’s becoming harder and harder to find clothes that I actually want to wear or actually feel comfortable in all day.Your daily wear should be your non-verbal opportunity to reflect your personality. When it comes to my style, well let’s just say I don’t have one style. My style reflects the personality I have for that day haha. I can go from a homeless hipster look to a sophisticated 5th grade teacher or a homeless hipster sophisticated 5th grade teacher look.  What I’m trying to get at is, attire should have some sense of freedom for work just like on days off.

There seems to be must-needs within your closet at home for the corporate world. For instance, when I open my closet the first things I see are my “clone clothes”. It’s as if I’m a cartoon character like Patti Mayonnaise or Daria, who opens up their closet only to find the same dull outfits one after the other. So what exactly does the clone clothes entail? Well you have your standard black slacks, the standard white button downs and even the standard pencil skirts with the little slut slits in the back to give some pizzazz. But I find myself wanting some excitement, so here and there when I decide to treat myself for being a great human being I’ll dust off those pattern bootcut pants……………but pair it with a plain blouse or cardigan. Because God forbid you show to much of your personality.

I mean think about it, the time it takes for you to prep for work and de-prep from work all you want to do is put on a t-shirt from one of those free events you attended and some basketball shorts. We spend 5 or more full days at work,so why can’t we dress how we would like? Startup companies have adopted a comfortable wear concept, when will older organizations/companies at least try to?

That’s my vent for the day.