NY Metro Area Career Fairs and Seminars

NY Metro Area Seminars and Workshops

January 2016

  1. January 18th @9pm- Tips to speed up your job search
  2. January 19th @6:30pm-Job Harvest NYC by New York Software Engineers
  3. January 19th @4pm –Managing Your Career
  4. January 18th @7pm- Improv for Professionals
  5. January 20th @6pm-Startup Grind New York City Hosts Tarek Pertew
  6. January 21st @3pm- New Year,Best You
  7. January 21st @6pm- New York City Job Fair
  8. January 25th @11am- Long Island Career Fair
  9. January 26th @11am- Long Island Career Fair
  10. January 26th  @6:15pm- Career Planning and Development
  11. January 28th @5pm – Analytics Cub: Data Talent Draft

February 2016

  1. February 1st @6:30pm- Retox Talks Success 3.0
  2. February 4th @8am-Ask a VC NYC by TechBreakfast
  3. February 4th @11am-New Jersey Career Fair
  4. February 16th @11am –New York Career Fair
  5. February 17th @11am- AFPF-NJ Tri-Collegiate Job Fair