Welcome to the Reflections Section!

Where we just talk and vent about life!

I’m in a new phase in my life where I’m learning new things everyday. With that can come excitement or frustration, so this is the place where I’ll be just talking and reflecting on my new internal findings.

Having an healthy outlet that you can release your thoughts and opinions on is great!

I encourage it.

Think about it. Who really likes to talk anymore. Words are minimal now through text and phone calls. People just don’t care to hear other people talk anymore,no matter what relationship you have with that person. That doesn’t mean you need to shut up, that just means you should look for a healthier outlet. Blog Sites, Painting ,Writing, Dancing,Singing, Sports etc.  These are all activities that are healthy outlets.

This was the initial purpose of my site, to express myself.

This site is my healthy outlet.