Thirsty or Moist?

Welcome to the Thirsty and Moist section!

Is your hair thirsty or moist? Is your hair soft textured or noticeably there?

This section is meant for you to learn just that, learn about your hair first before trying to improve.

Dry Hair Causes:

  • Main causes: Dryness is caused when your scalp isn’t producing enough oil to moisturize your hair, or your hair lets moisture escape easily.
  • Over-washing or using  alcohol infused shampoos may strip away your hair’s natural oils.
  • Constantly applying heat on your hair follicles, ie. Blow drying, straightening and/or curling.
  • Not exposing your hair to lots of sun, wind, or dry air.
  • Applying chemical treatments, including perms, dyes and/or relaxers.

Oily/Overly Moisturized

  • Main Causes: Do you have oily skin? If so, oily skin causes oily hair.This is primarily due to excess secretion of oil.
  • Your hair looks dull and lifeless most of the times.
  • Washing your hair does will not prevent your hair from looking greasy.
  • Excess oil secretion leads to dandruff which results in loss of hair.

Hair Test

Wash your hair a day prior to completing this test.  Then take tissue paper and dab your scalp 10 times.

  • If the tissue shows nothing then your hair is not producing oil efficiently.
  • If the tissue shows a lot of oily blots then you have oily hair.

Tips to Help all Types of Hair

  • Opt for a healthy diet full of B vitamins.
  • Rather than using  heat or  a towel dry method. Air dry your hair or use a t-shirt as a towel.
  • Do not manipulate your hair when it is wet. Try using your fingers rather than combs.
  • Embrace your natural hair and avoid chemical or heat treatments.