Skin Care

Welcome to the Skin Care Section!

Let’s get something straight, a skincare regimen should be a huge huge part of your life. I mean, who wouldn’t want glowing and soft skin? Woman or Male, great skin adds to a great look.

Defining your skin type is the first step towards showing actual concern for your regimen.

  1.  Dry Skin is rough and ashy
  2. Oily Skin is when your skin looks like you soak your body in baby oil.
  3. Combination skin is when you have both of the above cases but scattered separately through out the affected area.
  4. Sensitive Skin is when your skin doesn’t react to products well. It could result in itching and stinging.
  5. Normal Skin is the ideal skin, the perfect type of skin. This skin type is balanced, soft,even-toned and not sensitive.