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Welcome to the Resume Assistance Section!

Need resume help?  If so, you are definitely not alone. Most people have no idea where to even begin during this process. However, that shouldn’t stop you, so don’t worry yourself ! There is always time to rework your resume and once you do there will be new opportunities approaching.

As a professional portfolios editor, I’ve noticed the increased need for professional portfolios revamps due to the fact that career portfolios aren’t common knowledge.

Within this section I am going to teach you and post resume writing principles that will convert your resume into recruiter candy and immediately place you ahead of your competition.

 #1 – You need to become wanted!

This principle can be applied to many things in life haha. What I mean is that you want to becoming appealing for the recruiter. You want them to feel the need to meet you, talk to you and hire you.That means that the whole focus of your resume should not be gear towards explaining what you’ve done in your career but to showing how you add value to the position and the company.

In other words, you take the focus off yourself and place it onto the employer.

#2 – Understand why they need you!

A company hires not to only fill a req but to also fulfill a need. You need to understand what’s currently lacking and prove that you are the solution. Do some research on the company, the position and industry in advance. Show that you are the ideal candidate. Having previous experience in a position you’re applying for is a bonus.

#3-Why You?

Why are you the best candidate? Why do they need you at the company? What will you bring to the table for them? Have relevant examples to prove your case.By demonstrating how you have added value in the past, you show that you will add value in the future.

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