Total Spent: $29.38

So where did I find myself once again?

Yes, you guessed it!

Whole Foods!!

That might be the last place a lot of people choose to food shop, however Whole Foods holds it down for me I can’t lie. I used to only go to Trader Joe’s, but  due to convenience I later  found out that Whole Foods also has great inexpensive deals. Recently, I gave myself a weekly grocery shopping challenge. Now that I live alone, finding economical deals is a must. In addition to living alone,New York City  is one of the top ridiculously expensive cities to live in. So I decided to come up with a weekly $30 or less budget for food shopping. So let’s get straight to the point with what goodies I’ve found.

365 Unsweetened 64 FL Oz Green Tea:$3.49

365 Vanilla 64 Fl Oz Soymilk:$2.99

32 FL Oz Vegetable Stock:$2.49

Navel Oranges:$3.87($1.49 a pound)

Whole Trade Bananas:$2.31($.79 a pound)

Organic Cilantro:$1.99

Organic Onion Scallion:$1.29

Green Beans:$1.33($1.49 a pound)

Organic Red Delicious Apples:$3.64($1.99)

2 Whole Foods Brown Eggs:$2.99 Each

Total Cost:$29.38

Total Number of Items:11


I think I’ve done pretty well for this week.

If you read this post, share what you’ve found! Either it’s from Whole Foods or any other local grocery store you find inexpensive with great quality foods.

Thanks for reading.

Sip Sip,


Go Crazy! It’s Wholefoods!!!

One hour to use,where should I go?

I decided to go to Whole Foods! I wanted to browse and get some creative thoughts flowing for future recipes. Error number one, never go into Whole Foods without a plan,never browse. I say this  only because Whole Foods displays a whole lotta food lol Yea, not quite sure why I thought that punch line would be funny. Anywho, as I was saying, you must have an idea of what you want to purchase from there before going in.However, in this case I did not.

I’m fortunate enough to work next to a WF location, so spontaneous visits are always fun and expensive.So I decided that I would start tracking my weekly finds,to justify if going to Whole Foods was fun enough or just expensive enough.

Below are the sale items I purchased today;

Calab Ricotta Cheese: $4.39


365 Chicken Broth:$2.19

Red Potatoes:$2.99

365 Extra Virgin Olive Oil: $21.99


Thank you for tuning in.

Sip Sip,