Define Who?

Reflection #13

Define who?

Who are we to define how an individual should look or how it technically looks to be healthy?

A topic that has been debated for years, has surfaced again in a new light.

I saw a picture yesterday on Essence’s Instagram that made me feel remarkably happy and inspired. A women, who seemed to be hiking in MachuPicchu, was rocking her athletic gear and letting the world know she made it and was there to conquer. Or at least that’s what I was thinking in my head.

Before I continue rambling, here is the photo below;

Isn’t it dope? I love how this photo makes her seem very knowledgeable about her physical strength, but with confidence. Back to the forefront of the topic, why are images like this never shown in athletic campaigns or as a health image? To me it seems that she is very fit with her abs in formation like Beyoncé and her arms looking stronger than the Rock Johnson’s.

This picture is just so powerful.

In yesterday’s Facebook live stream I discussed how setting your own path on how to live is important. No one is you. No one can be you. No one can declare who you are. There is nothing wrong  with following helpful guides and tips on how to be healthier and in better shape for yourself. However, in the end of the day you will need to decide on what is the end goal that makes you feel the best. What in the end makes you feel happy. What in the end makes you feel the most confident.

Make yourself a priority. At the end of the day, you’re your longest commitment.

Stand by that.

Learn about yourself.

Love yourself.

Challenge yourself.

Be one with yourself.

But most of all, be accepting of yourself.


Mind Grasp

Reflection #12

Mind Grasp

It’s been quite sometime huh?

I guess I’ve pushed back this day hoping I had more control over my current state.

Since we’ve last spoken I’ve progressed positively emotionally, mentally and spiritually to a state I desired to obtain.

Mind Grasp.

Grasping of the Mind.

Continuously a hard thing to wrap our hands around because our mind is continuously evolving. Our perspectives and bias opinions are always changing to the point we don’t even know ourselves on a daily basis. But changing in a good way. Closer to our destiny mentally.

We learn New things.

Center around Different Environments.

We Evolve.

Within the past two years I’ve been able to logically think things through rather than jump the gun on an initial thought. This is a major accomplishment because this used to hold me back from a lot of social experiences. Trying to obtain a healthy control over the mind is a necessity. It gets you through your emotions and pushes you closer to who you need to be in this world.

I used to hate people and now I run a business for people.

Face to Face, Verbal to Verbal, Message to Message contact.

Who would have thought.

However, now that I’m getting close to grasping my purpose in life due to what my mind graviates too, life has become so much easier. Once you realize who you actually are becoming, your grip starts to release.


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Justice System + All Lives Matter = Unity

Reflection # 10

Justice System + All Lives Matter = Unity

This post might seem irrelevant to my other content but it’s something that needs to be said.

As people, we tend to filter out our actions between our own thought processes. We tend to take the easier route out of things, rather than support our initial beliefs.

Another man was killed today by our wonderful “justice system”. Like a piece of meat, right out in the open with no care for the life or soul it once lived. This issue continuously is  getting out of hand. Resulting in the justice system being injustice because of the hundreds of deaths occurring every couple of months.

I cannot wrap my head around this.

How is this legal?

This issue is past the point of white vs. black.

The real issue is there seems to be an “entitled group” allowed to dominate our lives with no repercussions. People should not get killed by cops, found neither guilty or innocent.

I’m a firm supporter against gun violence and trafficking.

AMERICA is not the land of freedom, it’s the land for freedom to die and be oppressed.

How can anyone be safe in this country? Who is actually protected? In my opinion,  police are just another example of gang voilence that cannot be categorized.

As a Summary:

Murdering innocent men based on profiling seems to be okay in this country.

Increased homicides due to “misjudgment” seems to be okay in this country.





This needs to stop.


The Unknown

Reflection # 9

The Unknown.

This Uncomfortableness.

This strange feeling of forced hope.

This cause of insecurity and vulnerability.

I can’t lie. I’m struggling at the moment with this idea. Up to a certain age we are pointed in the “right” direction, given steps and tips on becoming this person who in the end will create stability. In a sense, this is a home  for our developed souls, for us to be ourselves, comfortable and have a calm with no worries. Our parents protect us from the unknown, because they don’t want us to go through the inevitable stresses they once were welcomed too. Because of the unknown.

The Unknown = My Journey

My Journey = Me

If this equation is correct, why won’t I allow the journey to progress on its own? Am I scared of who I actually may be? Am I scared of the real me? Am I scared of all the failures and accomplishments I may endure.

Why yes I am scared. Shit scared of the endless memories I will have outside of my own control.

I wish I could be free of the fear. This fear is beginning to turn me into a snail. Shamed and scared to expose this unsureness that reads all over my face. This wanting to be alone to discover this “Sophia identity”.

The funny thing about all this is that I realize this about myself. I talk about this with others. I’m aware of my fears. I’m not in denial.

A lot turn spiritually to get some clear guidance, but even with that it is still unclear. If I, Sophia, cannot figure out who I am, how can I have this belief that someone else can.

I am religious, for more reasons than one. Such an organic relationship I have created between me and the man above. I guess my main question is, do I let go of ALL and LET God? or is it a 45%-55% relationship? Am I holding my end of the bargain?  I just have so many questions and I would like to demand answers but even when I’m faced with answers I still have questions.

I’m Inquisitive.

Nothing is ever good enough. I want arrows as a form of direction and a written book about how to be Sophia.

Only time will tell they say. So maybe the unknown is going to be my reality for a while and I, Sophia, need to just get adjusted to it.

Life isn’t a Cinderella story, I’m very clear about that. My life therefore has no story as of yet, because it has never been created. Every day I awake, with the unknown, is a new day for me to discover and live the life I was blessed to have. So in the end maybe having the chance to have access to the unknown is a blessing in disguise. Maybe I just need to accept the fact that I am blessed. View the unknown as  a gift from the man upstairs.

Therefore I guess,

The Unknown = Me.

That is who I ideally may be.

Personal Goals vs. Your Environment

Reflection # 8

Personal Goals vs. Your Environment

So, yea, it’s been a while. I’ve been super busy, with my resume business and this wonderful website of mine. Adding content on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. Trying to give it love and attention to continuously immerse it into greatness.

With that being said, it’s time to post my actual thoughts. Post my actual opinions, so as a reader you can get a look into who I am. It’s time for me to vent and just “talk”.

Personal goals, we all have them I hope. From losing weight to picking up a new hobby, personal goals are what keeps us progressing towards an improved version of ourselves. No personal goal is stupid in my opinion, personal goals form you into your own identity. Although we may have desired accomplishments, our environment; people, living situation, jobs, state, weather etc., may not allow us to pursue it.  I find myself getting caught in between choosing which one I would like to control my destiny. It’s hard to have the same focus and effort on your own personal goals if your environment is not always supportive.

I find myself distanced from things I don’t want to entertain for a long period of time. Or sometimes I find myself saying “ahhh f it all, I’ll be fine with a little fun or a distraction from my personal goal”. What I’m struggling most with currently is choosing what my personal goals should be. I toss ideas in my head on a daily, but it seems like my environment is still effecting my personal goals. Environment influences directly related to finances. I mean think about it, if someone would write you a blank check towards something you really need what would you ask for? I believe I would ask for financial support to complete some certifications and possibly go back to school. The thought of adding on more debt with loans is not an option for me. I will not continue to be this financial slave. Always paying bills to help entities around me and barely being able to help myself….

I’m going to figure it out though. I will not let this break me down. Where there is a will, there is definitely a way. I will get this done. I always gave myself until 30 years old to be completed with Grad’s school. I have a few more months to figure this out

As you can see there is a lot on my mind because I always getting side tracked with my own thoughts.

The purpose of this post is to let you realize there will always be outside influences (your environment) that can affect your personal goals.

Don’t let it deteriorate you.

If you want it, you can obtain it.

You just have to be focused and proactive.

Listening To Your Gut

Reflection # 7

Listening To Your Gut

Always listen to your gut feeling.  But don’t force yourself to believe a predetermined gut feeling. Let your emotions and mind talk to each other to get “your” true perspective on it. Your gut proves to sway your movement and judgment more than your very own brain in some situations.

Depending on how you operate. If you sense something , good or bad,  just take note of it,observe it and then form an opinion.

The wonderful thing about life is that we are continuously faced with different obstacles. Now however you view those obstacles are by choice. My stance on viewing them is “whatever happens, happens “. Within Reason. If you know it’s something that should not be tolerated, address it and then decide how to go forth with it.

I’m in a space that I can learn everyday, on my own for my own. In a space that I can appreciate the chances to learn and grow. In a space that I can make my own decisions and reactions based on what has occurred. I am not perfect, far from it. I lack the true meaning of social skills. But I’m trying. I want to learn how to control “Sophia” better. Become more Calm and Collective. Become a better person for people to want to be around.

So to make this post short, my final verdict is take note of your gut feeling but wait out whatever is creating that gut feeling. Patience. WOOOOSAHHHH. Sometimes we just need those 10 minutes of silence to reevaluate our initial gut and form our opinion.

DIY# 1

Old Ottoman to New Ottoman

Hey guys! I wanted to share a DIY project I just completed. Surprisingly it didn’t take much time to finish and this was my first time converting a piece of furniture. My revamp was a bit modest, but I’m happy with the final product!

The art supply I used was a metallic finish-gold spray paint from Rust-oleum . Initially I was skeptical about the smell the spray paint would produce, however that didn’t happen. The only  footnote I would include for future projects is to add a top clear coat after applying the color paint. That way the paint doesn’t easily remove when the furniture is in use.

Below are the before and after photos;





After 1


Sip Sip,


Total Spent: $30.11 O No!

3rd post, same store.

What a surprise!

If only Wholefoods still did their affiliation program for all this promotion I’m doing. Went in for two things, came out with sixteen. So my reciept has told me. Below are my finds;


Seapo Edamame: $2.99


Tortilla Chip:$2.99


Blueberry Greek Yogurt:$4.47($1.49 Each)


Salted Butter:$3.49(4 Bars)


Chopped Spinach:$1.69




Poppy Seeded Bagels:$3.29(6 Pack)


Navel Oranges:$1.22($.99 a pound)


Avocado:$5.00($1.00 each)

Total Cost:#30.11

Total Number of Items:16

If you read this post, share what you’ve found! Either it’s from Whole Foods or any other local grocery store you find inexpensive with great quality foods.

Thanks for reading.

Sip Sip,