Podcast Episode 27: Raw Talks

This week’s podcast has no agenda. I’m just talking, just speaking my truth.

I discuss what I’ve been up too. I mean when am I never up to something?

I discuss ways to keep pushing through in life, your business or career.

What are you afraid of? Elevation lol If not, take a listen and comment below your thoughts. #OptimisticSearchings is a movement, come join us on the road! The road of self-discovery!

Excited about our merchandise? Look out for a post in December with Launch details and links. Launching December 2018. 

This week’s music is provided by Vincent Augustus called ” Cut Throat”

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OS Randomness 02: Fiverr, You Saved My Life!

Happy Thursday Ya’ll!

I hope you’re all having an amazing week and reflecting on all the obstacles you are currently enduring and have overcome. It’s important to take some time every day to reflect on your “happenings” of every today/week/month/year!

We often get soo consumed within our daily lives we find it hard to take a “pause” when we need a break.  As many of my Optimistic Searchers know, I own this blog site(yes, this one your on) and also have my own career consulting company(OSProfessionalPortfolios.com). With Optimistic Searchings expanding our network, we get to become more involved in an enticing journey of uncomfortableness while picking up new Optimistic Searchers along the way.  We’ve been able to get closer to a more solid foundation which in the end helps decipher our direct focus for this platform.

If you aren’t already aware..Optimistic Searchings is the path for self-discovery. We push elevation through purposeful manifestation while reflecting on past traumas. We are strong belivers that you must reflect on your “hurts” to get to a clearer destination. With that being said, we ideally want you to become the best version of yourself.  Not the best version of what you see, but what you actual desiree.  We want to make this platform a solid foundation to share and just connect with other “risk-takers”.

One of our main focuses has been nailing a logo that can pretty much sum up what we want you to be able to obtain from this platform.

So with that being said, Fiverr has been a huge component allowing us to obtain that. Fiverr has been used this past year to help my visuals come to life for BOTH my blog site and my business. With thousands of freelancers experts in their own crafts, Fivverr has become my go-to when i just don’t seem to have the time to invest in time-consuming work.

So in order to help make your dreams come true and push you closer to your DESIRED paths, we are dropping and giving you a gift today! Our Fiverr discount link! It’s super easy to sign up and you won’t regret releasing some of your much-needed workloads to a freelanced professional of your liking.

Link: http://www.fiverr.com/s2/ae6e570076

Enjoy Optimistic Searchers!!!

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Another trip booked!!

Just booked another 2 stays through Trip.com! 🇵🇷 Puerto Rico and 🇲🇽 Mexico Here I come! 2019 I will be conquering the 🗺

Save 8% on Your First Hotel Booking! 🔥

Download the Trip.com app and save 8% on your first hotel booking!

Click here >> http://t.trip.com/ENYEzZL

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Podcast Episode 26: Just Go…

Welcome to another podcast episode!

Episode 26 to be exact.

I’m so pleased that you have decided to listen in on another week in which I discuss my personal life and ways to progress it further. Optimistic Searchings is the platform for self-discovery. The platform to elevate your manifestation to another stage. Tune in to this week’s podcast episode where we discuss “Ways to make yourself do it when you just don’t want to”.

This week’s music is provided by Makaih Beats called ” Love Chances”

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That one day…

That time I quit my job on a whim with a 3 weeks notice…

Hey! It happens…

Sometimes you reach the top of your threshold when a company doesn’t appreciate your 💫 assets. So I say this..


You wake up every morning to make someone else’s ☁️ dream come true. So why not use their resources to benefit you and your own dreams?


I would use the conference rooms at work for client calls during the day.

Not only did it make me feel more professional but it made me envision where my life was going to be.


One day I’ll have that conference room at OS Corp, with the engraving of my company name on the door.


Sometimes jobs are meant to expand our mindsets on what lives we can obtain. So use it to your best advantage. Connect with people. Practice communication with coworkers. Utilize the notepads to jot down ideas and thoughts throughout the day.


Everyone has a beginning. When will you start yours?


#FBT Circa 2017

The Re-Circling

Staying true to yourself can get lost very quickly with this world changing ever so quickly.

So I vow to myself and want you guys who believe to also take a vow.

Vow to keep pushing forward but only the forward that you envision for myself.

I can’t lie.

I did get caught up in a race I didn’t even realized I signed up for.

But as time keeps progressing and my desires keep coming into light, staying authentic is my primary goal. And should be yours as well.

No clout. Clout chasing is for validation.

No fake attention. Fake attention is to feed insecurities.

No unwanted friendships. Unwanted friendships are for the lonely.

This is the year i lost many “relationships” in the beginning but strengthened so many as time went on.

I’m grateful for my unit and the genuine support I receive.

This is my vow to remain true to the primary goal and to give you the correct steps on how to get on your own journey of self-discovery.

Not someone else’s, but yours.

Don’t get consumed by the virtual gratification. It’s imaginary.

So the tips I give you to proceed: 👇🏾

Be you.

Be true.

Be authentic.


Guess who I got to meet and speak to!?!

Lauren Simmons!!!

Such a pleasure to meet this beauty @LaSimmons at the @EnvsnFest 💫

Lauren so happens to be the ONLY black full-time female trader at the New York Stock Exchange.

This just reassured me that if you want to obtain something, just make it happen. A lot of us let 🕰 time keep passing us by without doing anything we are passionate about.

So I ask you why⁉️

Why do you waste your time so much❓

Strive for something. Strive to make an impact 🌐. Strive to be different and find your own lane without letting anything steer you off course.

This week just remember to be awesome. You already are, you just need to accept it.

#NYSE #BlackExcellence #Strive #WorkHard #IgnoreNo

Podcast Episode 25: GetChoMoneyRight_Affiliate Programs

Hey ya’ll!! Here’s another Friday podcast to welcome you to another week or weekend of flourishment within your own being. This week’s podcast is meant to elevate your mindset on another avenue of income you potentially could make work for your lifestyle.

I believe you should have 6+ passive income streams in order to maintain a healthy financial lifestyle. So here is one way you can do it! Affiliate programs. Listen to hear tips on what it means to have affiliates or be an affiliate. If you’re going to support a big company, why not benefit from it as well? 

Take a listen!

Podcast not helpful? Here are some book recommendations to give you more detail on how to conquer this passive income stream. 

  1. Affiliate Steps for Success!: Make Money With Affiliate Programs
  2. Extra Money Answer: How to Create, Promote, and Monetize an Affiliate Site
  3. Driving Traffic and Customer Activity Through Affiliate Marketing (Advances in Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, and E-Services (AMCRMES))

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Paint Bucket Nail Shop Breast Cancer Fundraiser – October 25th

When women can come together for a GREATER being. 💫

#Babes4Boobs 💁🏽‍♀️ @PaintBucketNails held a #BreastCancerAwareness Fundraiser last night in their Williamsburg #nailshop.

Thank you so much to @PaintBucketNails for the invitation. Whenever I get a chance from my busy schedule I love just having a good time with some girlfriends.

Also, any event I can leave with boobs as #nailart 💅🏽 on my fingers is a winner in my book. Let’s just say, successful event 💕

#BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #Nails #Boobs #Pink #Fundraiser