Lean On Me

Reflection #1

Lean On Me

Can I just say that having a great support system determines if you succeed or fail. Whether you surround yourself with great friends or great coworkers, having at least one person that supports your ideas and goals is key for a successful life.

Today I spontaneously received a package from my mother, whom lives a few states away. We keep in touch frequently, so we don’t notice the distance much. I’ve been into cooking lately, well not lately. I’ve always experimented in the kitchen since I was young. I even have a scar on my stomach due to experimentation, however that story is for another time. One time,I believe I was 17 and back home for a college holiday break. There wasn’t much to eat at home, but I seemed to find ground beef and pancake flour. So what did I decide to make? I decided to make ground beef filled pancakes. DUH! What else would I have made? So excited with what I made, I served my mother with a big plate of my greatest creation of all time. I felt as though I was a finalist on Top Chef.

At first she looked at the plate with much hesitation, but surprisingly she took a bite and really enjoyed it. That just connects to my initial point about support systems.

Positive People = Positive Results

Positive Support System = Positive Results

Positive Environment = Positive RESULTS

Because my mother is a positive person, she is able to positively enjoy experiences like that. I mean if you think about it,in this case, recipes may only start with two things, an empty fridge and creativity.

So what was the package you ask?

It was a Kitchen Aid Foooood Processor! I used to have a little dinky one, purchased at one of those “last-minute” stores that carry everything from cleaning supplies to 99 cent mashed potatoes. But now I have the real deal one! The one that can puree ingredients or chop them. So lets just say I am and was so excited! The simple things in life matter the most to me. The best part of it all, was that it was from my mother. The one who still till this day believes in me no matter how many fails I’ve had.

Let me give you some background on me. I was not the best student in the world in highschool and college. I practically used my creativity and negotiating skills for increased grades. I was emerged in a variety of activities outside of school. I danced, played flute, played piano, played soccer and tennis blah blah blah. You would of thought my mom was trying to raise a neurosurgeon. But no matter what I wanted to do(as long as it wasn’t “inappropriate”), my mother would support me.

I mean look at the major I studied in college, Energy, Business and Finance? Really? My mom had no clue what that was about but still supported my switch from a Business major to an EBF major. All I’m saying is, it’s very important to have at least one great support system. Someone or someonessss who push you to be great!(I’m aware someoneess is not an actual word)

I could go on and on about this subject, but I’m sure you can get the path I’m gearing towards. Pick who you want in your life, pick someone who pushes you to be great and supports your ideas. No matter how dumb you think your ideas or goals are or if they just actually are, your support system will be there for you.

If you don’t have anyone within your life who supports you, my hours are between 9am-5pm lol. Send me an email.


Once again, thank you for reading.

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