What to Wear for an Interview?

Have you ever wondered what is appropriate for an interview?

I say over-dressing is better than under-dressing. Show that you care about getting the job, and if not that, show how much  you value your own-self.

Prepare your outfit the night before, iron your suit, pick out your pearls and make sure to get a good nights rest before hand. Spritz one or two pumps of your favorite perfume and make sure your hair is slicked back or in a “clean hairstyle”. Play the game. Take this opportunity to play dress-up and have fun. Look like the CEO you are.

There is a lack of knowledge out there on what to wear to an interview. Since I have worked at 5 prestigious companies, climbing up the income scale every time, I assume I’m doing something right. Take it like this, they liked your resume and now they want to see if you look like your resume. Below I have included examples on what items are appropriate. All items and clothing-brands listed below provide economical pricing for interview and work attire.

Forever 21

Collarless Cuffed Blazer

Collarless Cuffed Blazer- $34.80

Contemporary Tweed Open-Front Blazer

Contemporary Tweed Open-Front Blazer-$22.99

Tie-Neck Woven Top

Tie-Neck Woven Top- $10.90

Classic Low-Rise Trousers

Classic Low-Rise Trousers – $16.99


Faux Patent Leather Pumps- $19.90

Faux Patent Leather Pumps

Faux Patent Leather Pumps- $19.90

Faux Suede Bow Flats

Faux Suede Bow Flats- $24.90

Quilted Faux Leather Ballet Flats

Quilted Faux Leather Ballet Flats – $19.90

H & M


Shawl-Collar Jacket- $49.99


Fitted Jacket- $49.99


Fitted Jacket – $34.99


Textured- weave Jacket- $49.99


Jacquard-weave Jacket- $59.99


Short-Sleeved Blouse- $14.99


V-Neck Blouse- $24.99


Sleeveless Chiffon Blouse- $29.99


Suit Pants – $29.99




Suede Ballet Flats- $34.99


Leather Pumps- $69.99