Empowering Women of May

Welcome to the Empowering Women of May section!

This section is representing something a little different from the rest of my website. Real women, I know, whose goals have emerged into real successes. I wanted to expand the thought of what women empowerment may mean to others and myself. 

The main direction of this website is to become the Number #1 Worldwide Women Networking Platform. Where women share their thoughts, experiences, tips and business ventures. A potential networking opportunity for both personal and  financial growth. So without further a do, below are

The Empowering Women of May

1. Nellie Verdera: Mompreneur, #KangenLife Advocate

Why you do what you do: When not changing diapers and eating Kale, I aspire to inspire future Boss Babes and Mompreneurs to make impactful lifestyle changes that will improve every aspect of their daily life.

It’s not enough to want to only be healthy in one area of your life.

What good is a financially healthy life without being physically healthy to enjoy it?  What good is a healthy life without the financial means to enjoy it?

True health incorporates 4 factors; physical health, financial health, mental health and spiritual health.  Obtain the first 2 and you’ll have the third, and above all else loving and thanking God will amount to you having all 4!

To see how we are achieving our goals and obtaining a life of TRUE HEALTH feel free to connect with me on Facebook and follow our link on www.KangenWaterMovement.com.

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2. Janine Cabrini: Owner, Founder and Chef of Janine Cabrini & Co.


Why you do what you do: The interest of cooking first sparked from my childhood because of the our traditional family gatherings.

Raised on a rural farm in the outbacks of Jamaica, the event of a cow giving birth to a calf drew family members from far and near to witness the experience. For the wedding of each of his daughters, my grandfather would slaughter a goat as a celebration; skinning, cleaning and cooking the goat himself. Witnessing the offerings of love ignited my passion to recreate those opportunities for others. Another inspirational person was my grandmother. My grandmother is one of the most selfless individuals I have ever encountered, where her best indication of giving was through food. She always cooked extra servings so that there would be enough for her own family  and anyone less unfortunate who passed by. Her doors were always open and so was a seat at her dining table. As I child I would always help her by serving as her waitress and sommelier.

This opportunity and experience of being surrounded by food propelled me to become very intrigued by it. As I got older, I loved cooking in the kitchen with my mother. She was very inventive and experimental with her cooking but still upheld our traditional cuisine. I would  never know what would be on the menu for dinner that night because she drew references from a variety of meals.

Today, my interest for cooking is carried by the mentioned history above and the love and fascination with art. Food is an incredible art form of self expression, that can be shared amongst a group of individuals. It’s an opportunity to create a medium that ignites as a conversation piece, stands as a memorandum for monumental life encounters, and offers a sense of comfort from whom may need it. That is what dining and cuisine represents for us collectively and individually throughout all societies and cultures. Meeting places to give or receive, aide or enhance emotions or evoke and communicate with just  by using unseen senses. With every challenge I have accepted within the kitchen, my continuous chase is for each experience be an satisfying adrenaline rush through visuals and taste buds. Cooking is forever my passion. 

For all business inquiries please contact Janine via email at ChefCabrini.co@gmail.com.

3. Amanda Playford: Gardener and Owner of a Chicken Coop


Why you do what you do: I’ve found myself being drawn closer to nature as time passes. I am more appreciative of what it has to offer us, and the relationship a person can have with plants.

Over the past few years I have been doing my own research on nutrition, fitness, organic vs. conventional farming, and animal treatment. Something in me has been stirred by my findings, and in order to take charge of my own health, nutrition and peace of mind I have begun a journey of growing food right in my own backyard, and raising my own chickens.

It is so rewarding when I come home and am greeted by my hens, and find healthy, happy eggs waiting for me in their next box, and there’s something exciting about being able to pick a basket of food and make dinner with it. I have shared my story with both friends and strangers, and have even seen some close friends begin their own journey with gardening, and even raising chickens. Having control over something so important to me is liberating, and I look forward to continuing my journey and hopefully I inspire others along the way.

For all informational inquiries please contact Amanda Playford via social media sources:  @AmandaLynnPlayford (Instagram) and Amanda Playford (Facebook)

4. Shameila Watson: Licensed Loctician and Owner and Founder of 25th Boutique


Why you do what you do: I am a licensed Loctician in West Palm Beach, Florida for the business known as “Let’s Dread It’. Specializing in maintaining and growing healthy dread locks using all natural products made by Erlande Locks.

In addition, I am also the owner and founder of 25th Boutique an online boutique specializing in body jewelry and accessories founded in 2015. 25th Boutique offers a variety and great selection of eye catching accessories for anyone and everyone. I always had a vision to help young women and men express their individuality and creativity through fashion.

My mission is to teach others to embrace inner beauty and reinforce confidence, while being in your natural state whether it may be with your hair or choice of fashion.

Visit 25th boutique at www.25thboutique.com Like our Facebook page 25th Boutique and Let’s Dread It

Follow on Instagram @25thBoutique and @Letsdeadit

For all business inquiries please contact Shameila Watson at (585)414-8615.

5. E’lon: Founder and Owner of NaturalNatch

Why you do what you do: Simply because I love helping people and I believe NaturalNatch is special. What makes NaturalNatch so special is two folds.  First, is it’s versatility.  It’s a product for men, women and children and you can the use the butter on both your hair and body.  Second, looking at and/or buying the product is the beginning of a conversation and relationship between myself and the consumer.  The natural hair industry is booming and there is tons of information out there for all different hair types, but there isn’t much one on one interaction about product use and hair health.   Having a small shop and handmade products gives me the opportunity to have more personal interactions with people and help them as much I as I can throughout their natural hair journey.

Visit  www.NaturalNatch.com to get my natural-ingredient products!

For all business inquiries please contact E’lon via social media sources: @naturalnatch (Instagram), NaturalNatch (Facebook page), @NaturalNatch (Pinterest and Twitter)

6. Belinda: Aerialist


Why you do what you do: Around this time last year, I find myself trying aerial acrobatics and that was how I discovered the thing I never knew I needed. As an ex-high school gymnast (an OK one to say the least), I was always a fan of movements and physical challenges. My star apparatus was the balance beam and it taught me grace, patience and hard work. My practice discontinued when I went off to college as I told myself that I would never need it. I was getting older and my availability for it started to decrease. Eventually I finished my bachelors, my masters, started to travel and even received a promotion in my corporate job. Doing all of this by the time I was 23. I had no other worries since everything I dreamed of at that point was falling into place. Let’s just say I was SO bored. No, not the kind of bored like having nothing to do but there was just nothing I was passionate about.

Around this time, I wanted to get back into a fitness routine so I researched some yoga studios. I stumbled upon aerial yoga, which seemed like a fun alternative. My first class was in a Manhattan studio filled with bright orange hammocks hanging about 3 feet off the ground. During class I noticed these two long shiny fabrics draped from the 10+ feet tall ceiling tucked off to the side of the studio. I asked the instructors about it and immediately signed up for the next aerial silks class. At my first silks class, I learned the basic climb and got more than half way up. That was a genuine feeling of physical accomplishment within being physically in shape. We did some more pretty poses like “Man on the Moon” and splits on the fabrics. It was difficult and so terrifying, but I loved the intense physicality. I was immediately hooked! I signed up for more classes while thinking to myself: (1) probably past my prime, (2) gymnastics days are truly over, (3) I can’t do a pull-up or split but that’s ok. I was wrong and continued to surprise myself everyday.

Nothing compares to the sense of accomplishment of nailing a new trick. I’ve become so immersed into the art that it soon became my new passion. I went back every week and soon twice a week among three different studios. I took notes and watched videos in every class to study my technique and had even jot down weekly goals. This was the beginning of my circus arts journey. As I progressed, I learned more climbs, drops, and poses. Since then, I added an array of aerial apparatuses to my skillset like lyra (aerial hoop), static trapeze, aerial hammock and learned drops and sequences from 17+ feet tall ceilings. I cross-trained in bungee, wall-running, flying trapeze and even in

circus floor classes like handstands, contortion, hula-hoop and acroyoga. I found myself using circus lingolike hip key, skin the cat, flamenco, crochet legs, hep, and pike! I even attended more shows and events that featured acrobatics because I recognize the full worth of their talent.

My friends kept pointing out how toned and muscular my body was. It was a whole lifestyle change. Circus arts brought back moments of childlike wonder – the freedom, fun and energy of playing on the various apparatuses.

The skills and strength gained are only a small part of what all this circus training offered me. Circus helped me become courageous and grow confidence. In the past, I’ve always feared embarrassing myself whether that’s in dancing, presenting or just trying something new in front of a group of people. Circus had helped me overcome my “stage fright” and has taught me self-expression. It was a safe place for me to grow. I’ve learned to set goals for myself and self-motivate. On top of all this, I’ve never had this much fun in my entire life. The best thing about circus is the community of people. I’ve met others who shared the same passion as me, and I’ve made a lot of new badass friends who cheer me on. We empower each other in this art by being a partner, spreading the energy, raising the vibrations and celebrating each other’s successes. I am forever thankful for crossing paths with them and for teaching me how to fly and soar even higher than I imagined.

In circus arts, there is something for everyone and the impossible doesn’t look so impossible when you begin to take the first step to try. Silks has definitely been my dominant gene. I’ve never felt so powerful, elegant, fearless and unbounded when I’m dancing in the air. It’s hard to believe I used to think I was incapable of such pursuits. Even though aerial and circus arts are just a passion of mine, I hope to grow that even further and start performing with an audience.

“Running away with the circus doesn’t have to be a dream for me anymore, because now it can be a reality.”

For all informational inquires please contact Belinda at via social media @Belindzler .

7. Jov’an Benjamin: Creator, Writer, Painter, Realtor, Voice Actor and Designer


Why you do what you do: I want to be happy.

I want to be able to make a great living for me and my family. I want Jaxon, my son, to grow up knowing that he can get anything in this world if he believes in himself and works very very hard. I don’t want him to have to worry about finances. I grew up in a household that used money as a way to control people and it made me become afraid of it.

Ultimately afraid of success. I know now that money is a tool and I want to use it to build our empire. According to society I have two “negatives” working against me: I’m black and I’m a woman. But I see those same “negatives” as my motivators to be great. I can’t let my community of black women down because of some irrational fear. I have to go out there, work hard and get it. So I do what I do, for myself, my son, my family and my community.

This path found me, and I’m just enjoying the journey it’s taking me on.

Check out my Blog Site @ www.JovanBenjamin23.wordpress.com

For all business/informational inquiries please contact Jov’an via social media: @Beebe_Bluff (Instagram)

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do”

8. Tasha Burton: Blogger, Founder and Owner of Belle Butter products


Why you do what you do: I do what I do for me first and for women and young girls everywhere second. We need so many examples of women, young and old everywhere that are successful at whatever it is they’re doing. We need them to tell their stories of how they started, the obstacles they’ve run into, how they overcame them and pressed on to do something great. Everyone’s story is so different and unique that a lot of women starting out feel like they can’t find anyone to relate to. The more our stories get told, the more women they have to look up to. Everything I make, I make it for the sole purpose of working effectively for the customer. That’s the primary basis I work from and it’s why I have the customer loyalty I do now.

Check out my products and site @ http://www.BelleButters.com/

For all business inquires please contact Tasha at bellebutters@gmail.com.

9. Evelyne Mirville: Artist

Why you do what you do: I paint because not only is it therapeutic and relaxing, but also I enjoy the process and the challenges. Most of all I love the results I create. Painting has helped me create a balance within my life. When I am painting, it is a gift to myself  in the form of quality and personal time.
I go to the studio for 6 weeks a year. It is a wonderful way to be with people who share the same interest. We exchange feed backs and  we support each other. We also visit exhibits and showcase at exhibits together to share our work with the public.

“When you find your passion and nurture it, it brings out the joy and peace in you.”

10. Mahalie Lissade: Singer


Why you do what you do: I’m graduating from college in May 2016 from Nazareth College with a degree in Inclusive Childhood Education and Psychology at Nazareth College. Although I love working with children and helping students reach their full potential, I also have a burning passion for performing. At a young age, I found myself drawn to music and realized that I had a talent for singing. Throughout my educational career I have had the opportunity to perform in five musicals and in many singing groups. I am currently in an all female A Cappella group that attended the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella competition this spring.  So, why do I perform? I believe that music is universal, it brings people together and it can evoke emotions in people that words cannot.  It is an honor to share the gift of music with others, and it something that I will continue to pursue for the rest of my life.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”-Plato

Check out my Spring 2015 school performance “Valerie”

11. Lynette Brooks: Founder, Owner and Designer of Carry Me Cute NYC

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Why you do what you do: The reason why I do what I do is very simple, it’s my PASSION, amongst other things.  I do what I do because my 8 year old daughter is watching and taking notes.  I love work that doesn’t feel like work, and I’ve found that in entrepreneurship.  Everything that was once the norm for me is now the complete opposite and I accept all of that change with open arms.  I do it because I love being creative, but more importantly, I love to inspire women and young girls.  I’ve always wanted to share my voice to empower and uplift other women and Carry Me Cute NYC has given me a platform to be heard.  I will continue to lead for my younger self who needed this voice growing up.  I will do it because I love meeting awesome and inspirational women.  Women are so powerful and determined that together we are winning and I want to apart of that special something.

For all business inquires please contact Lynette via CarryMeCuteNYC@gmail.com.

Thank you to all my wonderful, amazing and willing volunteers! This is only the beginning of the movement promoting better versions of ourselves the natural way. What do you do that you are proud of? What do you do that helps define the real you?


Want to start your own business?: https://www.sba.gov/starting-business/how-start-business/business-types/women-owned-businesses