Do you ever get off from work and pass multiple fast food restaurants on your way home? But because of your will power you tell yourself you will just make something at home. So you get there and find NOTHING. Then out of hunger frustration you start telling yourself you should’ve stopped at Wendy’s.

 I honestly hate this feeling because most of the time I’m coming from the gym. I wish I  could walk into my house and be seated to a 5 course meal.  But that would never happen unless I hire a in-house chef or get a really caring boyfriend. Nonetheless I’m interested to  see what I prepare when I’m lazy.  Let’s see what I find in my kitchen to throw together.

Here are some ideas below;

Curry Squash and Salmon Salad


Sunflower Curry Chicken 


Italian Dressing Tilapia and Spinach


Can Beans Stir Fried Rice and Salad