41.3% 👀👀👀

The #UNEMPLOYMENTRATE for recent #graduates hits 41.3%. Why has it come to this? Let’s talk 🗣about it.

More people are working in #jobs they’re overqualified for in order to make ends meet. Taking jobs that don’t require #collegedegrees are starting to become more prevalent.

As of March 2019, the unemployment rate for workers aged 22 to 27 stands at 41.3% according to the Federal Reserve Bank of NY.

A major reason why event #collegegraduates are taking positions that aren’t requiring a degree is because they’re seeking more pay. They are going for more skilled trade positions and e-commerce work because of the #MULA 💴

These type of jobs are facing huggggge #laborshortages and pay is rising fast for blue collar positions.

In your opinion what should a recent graduate do: what for their dream job or get a position at the one willing to pay?

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Another trip booked!!

Just booked another 2 stays through Trip.com! 🇵🇷 Puerto Rico and 🇲🇽 Mexico Here I come! 2019 I will be conquering the 🗺

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That one day…

That time I quit my job on a whim with a 3 weeks notice…

Hey! It happens…

Sometimes you reach the top of your threshold when a company doesn’t appreciate your 💫 assets. So I say this..


You wake up every morning to make someone else’s ☁️ dream come true. So why not use their resources to benefit you and your own dreams?


I would use the conference rooms at work for client calls during the day.

Not only did it make me feel more professional but it made me envision where my life was going to be.


One day I’ll have that conference room at OS Corp, with the engraving of my company name on the door.


Sometimes jobs are meant to expand our mindsets on what lives we can obtain. So use it to your best advantage. Connect with people. Practice communication with coworkers. Utilize the notepads to jot down ideas and thoughts throughout the day.


Everyone has a beginning. When will you start yours?


#FBT Circa 2017

The Re-Circling

Staying true to yourself can get lost very quickly with this world changing ever so quickly.

So I vow to myself and want you guys who believe to also take a vow.

Vow to keep pushing forward but only the forward that you envision for myself.

I can’t lie.

I did get caught up in a race I didn’t even realized I signed up for.

But as time keeps progressing and my desires keep coming into light, staying authentic is my primary goal. And should be yours as well.

No clout. Clout chasing is for validation.

No fake attention. Fake attention is to feed insecurities.

No unwanted friendships. Unwanted friendships are for the lonely.

This is the year i lost many “relationships” in the beginning but strengthened so many as time went on.

I’m grateful for my unit and the genuine support I receive.

This is my vow to remain true to the primary goal and to give you the correct steps on how to get on your own journey of self-discovery.

Not someone else’s, but yours.

Don’t get consumed by the virtual gratification. It’s imaginary.

So the tips I give you to proceed: 👇🏾

Be you.

Be true.

Be authentic.


Guess who I got to meet and speak to!?!

Lauren Simmons!!!

Such a pleasure to meet this beauty @LaSimmons at the @EnvsnFest 💫

Lauren so happens to be the ONLY black full-time female trader at the New York Stock Exchange.

This just reassured me that if you want to obtain something, just make it happen. A lot of us let 🕰 time keep passing us by without doing anything we are passionate about.

So I ask you why⁉️

Why do you waste your time so much❓

Strive for something. Strive to make an impact 🌐. Strive to be different and find your own lane without letting anything steer you off course.

This week just remember to be awesome. You already are, you just need to accept it.

#NYSE #BlackExcellence #Strive #WorkHard #IgnoreNo

Paint Bucket Nail Shop Breast Cancer Fundraiser – October 25th

When women can come together for a GREATER being. 💫

#Babes4Boobs 💁🏽‍♀️ @PaintBucketNails held a #BreastCancerAwareness Fundraiser last night in their Williamsburg #nailshop.

Thank you so much to @PaintBucketNails for the invitation. Whenever I get a chance from my busy schedule I love just having a good time with some girlfriends.

Also, any event I can leave with boobs as #nailart 💅🏽 on my fingers is a winner in my book. Let’s just say, successful event 💕

#BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #Nails #Boobs #Pink #Fundraiser

October 13th-#CultureCon18

This past weekend was truly amazing! 

I was able to attend the #CultureCon18 event this past Saturday, October 13th, to hear influencers and well known celebrities speak about their own path of self-discovery. Optimistic Searchings

Just a few names to list: #Johnlegend #RemyMa #NickCannon #CharlamagneThaGod #DeRayMcKesson #TaylorRooks #TylerMitchell #KelaWalker #EboniKWilliams #AngelaYee #ColmanDomingo #JonathanJackson

Thank you to The Creative Collective NYC for throwing such a great event! Looking forward to next year 💫

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

They told me Rich Dad Poor Dad was a

I’m definitely a believer now, can’t put it down.

Anyone else read this book?

What’s your opinion on it?

Book Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008BUHTLE/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B008BUHTLE&linkCode=as2&tag=optimisticsea-20&linkId=2c0292555a2d1268189618b50df9f84a

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