Career Quizzes

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With so many different occupations to choose from, deciding what your future career should be is a tough decision. What are your intentions when deciding the career you will pursue? Are you geared towards making the most money or are you geared to actually enjoying the 8-9 hours you are putting in daily?

When we are young we are convinced to strive for a certain job. Back in the day it used to be doctors and lawyers but now there’s a variety of occupations to choose from. Take one of the career quizzes below and determine what job fits your personality the best.


  1. Buzzfeed
  2. Princeton Review
  3. SoKanu
  4. WorkBC
  5. Oprah
  6. Mentee
  7. Quiz Rocket
  8. Career Aptitude Test
  9. PlayBuzz

Example Questions

  1. Which of these sentences best represents you?
    • I am healthy, or at least try to be.
    • I am smart and love learning.
    • I am creative and enjoy making things.
    • I am patient and help others.
    • I am good with numbers.
  2. Which part of your life do you pay closest attention to?
    • My health and the health of those around me.
    • My ethical conscious–I want to do the right thing everyday.
    • My creative outlet.
    • Helping others.
    • My problems, I’m always trying to solve them.
  3. You’ve signed up to volunteer during the weekend. Which of these jobs do you sign up for?
    • “Candy striper” at a hospital
    • Letter writing campaign for human rights.
    • Help a local school with the new playground design.
    • Tutor for kids struggling in school.
    • Help a non profit organization set up its software and computer system.
  4. If you didn’t have a job and didn’t need to worry about money, what would you do?
    • Work on finding a cure for a life threatening disease.
    • Work on getting justice for an unrepresented group.
    • Commit myself to creating something beautiful to leave behind once I’m gone.
    • Teach.
    • Honestly? I’d play video games all day.
  5. Which of these hobbies do you participate in (or would like to)?
    • Gardening.
    • Reading.
    • Drawing.
    • Reading.
    • Build computers.
  6. What section of the newspaper do you like to read (besides the Job Listings!)?
    • Front Page.
    • Health.
    • Real Estate.
    • Education.
    • Technology
  7. There are some jobs that are aimed more towards men than women, which are you?
    • I am a man and I prefer a male oriented job.
    • I am a woman and I prefer a female oriented job.
    • I am a man and I can do any job.
    • I am a woman and I can do any job.