$30 or Less

Welcome to the $30 or Less Section!

Can you imagine yourself shopping with only $30 for the week?  Some of you at this point may throw in the towel but this isn’t impossible to do. Whether you’re a family of four or an extreme seamless orderer, there are ways to do it.

What if you decided to actually pay attention to what you spent or what coupons you received or what items are on sale for the week. What if you decided to become a financially responsible adult.An RA. Yes, I made that up lol.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not stating that if you ignore your expenses you are incapable of handling your own money. I’m just saying, why waste your hard-earned money on wants and not needs. There are reasons why companies have things called………….sales, promos and coupons. So think outside the box, care about where your money is going. Picture where excess funds could be invested towards to benefit your future.Start being that cheap friend in the group going out, that doesn’t split the bill four ways and only pays for their portion. Start being that friend that no one wants to invite to things because you’re CHEAP lol

I make jokes about it only because if you really analyze it, money comes and then goes even faster. Prices are increasing but salaries are staying leveled. So I decided to start thinking about my savings and where I could cut back.

This page is meant for me to share my finds,give back to the community with amateur advice and become the philanthropist I’ve always wanted to be.I will be posting any hidden gems I find and would love additional participation.Join along for this ride and turn your pennies into investments.

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