41.3% 👀👀👀

The #UNEMPLOYMENTRATE for recent #graduates hits 41.3%. Why has it come to this? Let’s talk 🗣about it.

More people are working in #jobs they’re overqualified for in order to make ends meet. Taking jobs that don’t require #collegedegrees are starting to become more prevalent.

As of March 2019, the unemployment rate for workers aged 22 to 27 stands at 41.3% according to the Federal Reserve Bank of NY.

A major reason why event #collegegraduates are taking positions that aren’t requiring a degree is because they’re seeking more pay. They are going for more skilled trade positions and e-commerce work because of the #MULA 💴

These type of jobs are facing huggggge #laborshortages and pay is rising fast for blue collar positions.

In your opinion what should a recent graduate do: what for their dream job or get a position at the one willing to pay?

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