Write Your Own Rules

⚡️Writing My Own Rules ⚡️

is the only way I know how to feel alive.

Feeling the quick impulse of energy when doing something I truly enjoy makes me happy.

I’ve found that I’m extremely joyful in the sky venturing on adventures outside the country.

The feeling when I take off into the sky makes me release all my worries as the gravity lessens its burden on me.

There’s something about flying that makes me feel so free.



with no responsibilities.

Until the time I venture up in the sky, I’ll continue to just write my own rules while spending time on this universe. For that creates the freedom I yearn for.

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Island Gal 🌴 ⚡️⚡️

Thank you @couleur_me_mas for sending me this custom bathing 👙 suit! My curves felt so appreciated in this cute two-piece number. I felt sophisticated and elegant so I had to do a little 📸 photo shoot.


A lot of you may not know that I am a island girl by nature, born with that carribbean juju in my blood. I like to refer to it as a mixed breed of #painpatate and hint of #wreyandnephew


I was raised by my single mother, who is Haitian, in the heart of #Rochester, NY. I like to refer to it as the boondocks with a lot of deers. There weren’t many people like me out there, at least that I’ve come across. The lack of relatable connections created a yearning for self-identity. A yearning to feel comfortable enough to just be myself and embrace both cultures freely. I wanted a place that I could talk how I wanted to without being too “white” or too “black. I desired a place to explore my origins without questions being frequently asked because of confusion.


Now that I’m nearing 30, live in NYC and can freely go get some coco bread and pourage (yea, my obsession) down the block, I never want my culture to be isolated from me again.

My mom did her do diligence to exhibit customs within our household, it’s up to me to continue that legacy for my family to come.




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