[Venture] Out

If you can’t find a way, create one.

Introducing the OS pen

“Writing My Own Rules”

We often find ourselves falling into relevant trends yearning to relate to someone or something other than [ourselves].

A desire to create an instant connection hoping to fulfill the niches we have within our own souls.

Ideally, this isn’t a bad thing. I mean it’s not that serious right?

However, what if that daily desire to connect to something/someone relatable sabotages the discovery of our own unknowns? What if it steers our [planned] journeys off course?

Then what?

Are we connecting off similarities or the observed gratification we see?

Writing My Own Rules.

Discovering My Unknown.

Just Figuring Out Who The F I Am..

Are instruments you’ll need in this “game” of life.

So I ask you this.

What actions have you taken to write your own #rules? Are you on that path for self-discovery?

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