[Venture] Out

If you can’t find a way, create one.

Introducing the OS pen

“Writing My Own Rules”

We often find ourselves falling into relevant trends yearning to relate to someone or something other than [ourselves].

A desire to create an instant connection hoping to fulfill the niches we have within our own souls.

Ideally, this isn’t a bad thing. I mean it’s not that serious right?

However, what if that daily desire to connect to something/someone relatable sabotages the discovery of our own unknowns? What if it steers our [planned] journeys off course?

Then what?

Are we connecting off similarities or the observed gratification we see?

Writing My Own Rules.

Discovering My Unknown.

Just Figuring Out Who The F I Am..

Are instruments you’ll need in this “game” of life.

So I ask you this.

What actions have you taken to write your own #rules? Are you on that path for self-discovery?

#Tag a friend who you think could relate ⚡️

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We’re coming!

Our blog site has attracted over 4,000 #organic viewers and we’re just so excited!

To celebrate our success, we’re launching our very first #productline, “OS” later on this month. I’m pretty sure you can guess what the initials stand for but if you can’t seem to figure it out it’s for Optimistic Searchings.

If your new to our platform, our product line symbolizes more than just merchandise for our believers to buy. Our products symbolize the movement towards creating a better version of “you”. Our mission at OS promotes the acts of discovering your true purpose(s) in life and the acts of #exploring the inevitable opportunities this #world has to bring.

Our products push believers to take the much-needed #metime and discover who they ideally are without all the #glitz, #glam, #trends, and #distractions.

So we ask the below questions to continue the exciting journey against doing the “#norm “:
1. Are you happy?

1a. If you are happy, what reasons come to mind?

1b. If you are not happy, what things you feel as though you are missing from your current situation?

2. Do you have options to control the way your current life is going?

2a. What are those options?

2b. What are the reasons why you do not have control over your life?

3. What tools do you use to seek guidance?

4. What things have you discovered about yourself that bring you #joy?

5. How can you further explore yourself this coming year? #2019

6. Have you started the internal work to heal #pastraumas?

6a. Have you asked for help?

7. What do you believe are your purposes in life?

8. How did you discover those purposes?

9. Do you believe you can live through your purpose every day?

These questions are meant to get you to think outside of the box and truly focus on yourself. We understand the outside world or our responsibilities can get in the way of that focus but believe us when we say ” discovering who you ideally are and living through your purpose can make a huge difference on how you view the world”.

So continue to be great.

Continue to believe.

Continue to explore.


Continue to heal your #pasttraumas.

Thank you for continuing the journey with us! We love you and #HappyNewYears 💫

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Be Real

I’m not trying to be anyone else because I enjoy just being myself.

#Exploring me.

#Learning about me.

#Discovering me.

It’s a hard thing to master, trust me I haven’t mastered it yet.

Self-doubt is real and once you feed into it you’ll lose your original thoughts.

Validation is real and once you feed into it anyone can control your thoughts of whom you think you are.

So I say this to you today.

What is making you feel the way you feel today?

The uneasiness.

The pressure.

The confusion.

The feeling of being lost?

Is it the constant urge to check your timeline because there are always announcements?

What if I recommended to you, that you needed to find your purpose and not feed into the purposes shown by others?

What if I suggested that you tried out a new recipe or took time to pick up a hobby?

This thing called life is meant to be explored by all of us and for us all to feel alive we need to discover the things that make us feel just that…ALIVE.

We need to explore the things that make us feel emotions with #ourselves. Not #emotions you thought should be shared, but emotions that you feel privately. The emotions that only you could understand.

I call those emotions a connection. A connection with your own unique soul. Which is the most important connection to have.

So on this day, I want you to keep in mind, you were able to wake up another day. Under a roof with water to take a shower. Be grateful for just being you and having your own soul you are allowed to feed alone.

Because believe me, many people in this world aren’t able to even do that. Their lives have been taken from them. Their souls are being controlled. Their hearts are being fed negativity and told that they are worthless daily.

I got a little deep this Sunday because I want you guys to  think. I want you guys to break out of old #habits and believe you can create new ones. I want you guys to just live and be true to yourselves first.

Have a wonderful #Sunday ✨



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