Blossoming into a butterfly…

I don’t give up on myself. So why should you?

Fight against those negative thoughts that are saying you aren’t great! We all are like butterflies, it takes time to unravel the true beauty.

Be patient! You’ll understand the journey after every stage you pass.


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Brain Awareness

Lately I’ve been focusing more on my breathing. Especially now that I’m more serious about my fitness journey.

I didn’t realize how I really wasn’t breathing while working out. That is horrible. I guess I formed a habit of holding in my breathe.

However, now that I am more aware I can focus on the simple thing that will take care of my brain for the long hall. It’s sooo important to maintain oxygen that goes to the brain.

And I get that.

It’s also so hard to even take a moment out of our day to focus on our breathes.

But we have to do it.

So set timers.

Or reminders.

Go for a walk during a hectic day.

Give yourself that time and respect.

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