Year End Review

Reflection #18

First Quarter has almost come to a close.

I’m still shocked that this year is progressing so quickly. I guess that only means I’m keeping myself busy and not consistently checking the time or date in anticipation of something.

I just received my final review at work today. I’ve reached the 6 month mark quickly and had a great year end discussion with my boss. I was actually surprised at how many good points my boss mentioned. At the time I was only there for 4 months.

But it made me think.

Do we ever give ourselves a Year End Review? On how we performed, what we need to improve on, what challenges we faced and overcame?

If I were to do one, these are the categories I would discuss:

1. Income Performance

2. Budgeting

3. Healing

4. Career Progression

5. Career Consulting Business Analysis

6. Self-Development

7. Personal Projects Implemented 8. Relationships 9. Self-Comfortability 10. Family Perspective*11. Monthly Fun I’ve Incorporated I think that covers the grounds. If not, edit is definitely a tool I can use on this blog lolNow let’s get into the reasons why I chose these categories.1. Income Performance:

As the years progress, I make sure to increase the$$$$e dollars by a significant amount. Not saying money runs everything, but money does provide for the lifestyle I enjoy (Dining Experiences, Housing, Billlllls, Family Gifts, Entertainment, Travel, Personal Projects etc.) My review would make me pay closer attention to my finances. That’s where the next review comes into play.

2. Budgeting:

Every company has a specific budget set forth for the year. Do any of my readers do one for the year? On provides a budget sheet to show a client’s weekly, monthly and year to date income stream. However, what if you had a set amount for specific items. For instance, the ones I’ve listed above. Give some thought into that.

3. Healing:

Shoot, I heal everyday. But what if I actually gave myself a review on what I’ve healed on and what I would like to heal on.

4. Career Progression:

This is pretty straight forward. Since I do it at work. But let’s take the work pressure out of it and actually focus on the what our perfect career would look like.

5. Career Consulting Business Analysis:

My career Consulting business was started in 2011. 2017 we just started obtaining income.

Now that it’s increasingly taking off, I really should incorporate a review on how I’ve been doing. But I probably would like to implement a quarterly analysis.

I was going to write out the rest of the list, then I figured you understand the entire concept.

So think about it. Think how far you’ve come. Think about how much closer your getting to your desired lifestyle. Everyone needs to improve in something.The context of this blog is to get you to think about these things. Give yourself a review and really focus on where you would like to go as well.

I’m out.*Drops Mic 🎤*

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