It’s Better to Not Expect, Then to Expect.

Reflection #15

It’s better to not expect, then to expect.

How many times have we set ourselves up freely for disappointments?

How many times have we been set up to disappoint?

It’s a reoccurring phenomenon we are all aware of. An uncontrollable habit or expectation we place.

I tend to have a hard time understanding disappointment. I used to interpret it ALL as intentional. I felt as though people were trying to disappoint me.

However, as the years have gone by I’ve been able to take the “me” out of the equation. I’ve been able to stop putting myself into everything and just observe and realize people have other things going on.

A little background on me. I grew up a little spoiled. Yes, I know, your shocked huh? *sarcasm*

I grew up with a single mother, raising 4 of us.

My two cousins, my sister and lil o’ me in Rochester, NY.

The youngest by 7 Years.

I was the baby and definitely was treated like it. Long story short, disappointment rarely came into my life. Or rarely was acknowledged. I was always able to live and care about my “little o’ world” selfishly. Maybe it was because I realized disappointment at an early stage of my life, but we won’t get into it today. Long story short, I acquired the habit of just choosing to become numb.

Now that I’ve realized disappointment can hit me everyday, there is a new perspective on it rather than ignoring its existence.

For one, Ive been able to grasp the concept of being disappointed. For two, I’ve been able to tie disappointment as an emotion. And for three, the reality that it may have not been intentional started becoming my initial thought.

Those are just the steps I take.

Disappointment is a hard topic to discuss because we are taught to suppress those emotions. We however are also taught to not place expectations. But when the two cross paths, which is the right component?

For me, I believe acknowledging your views on a disappointment, failed expectation, is key. But the way you react to it is actually the primary focus. With my evolution in self-development I’ve been able to learn that disappointment will always be there but sometimes things we desire are not what we need. Sometimes things are meant to just be taken at face value. When you stop placing expectations and just let things evolve the way it needs to naturally, you will realize nothing in life can be controlled.

There are two option: Either it’s meant for you or it’s not. So yes, you may be disappointed. And yes, you had expectations. And no, you’re not wrong for having expectations because it’s gives you a view on your desires. It shows you what you are willing to settle for and what you are not willing to settle for.

So if it’s either a relationship, job opportunity, self achievement , test score, weight goal, completed sale etc. Keep striving for what you desire. Acknowledge that disappointments happen and realize they are meant to be in your life sometimes to shape it. Also, never let disappointments stop your end goal because maybe the route you took just wasn’t the right one. If that’s the case, just get on a new path and continue towards the goal.

So in summary. Life happens but the way you react to it is key.

Disappoinments are meant to show you your desires.

Expectations are also meant to show you your desires.

Modify any failed attempts to help create your desired reality.

But realize, disappointments happen naturally. You cannot control what is meant to happen in your life, however you have a choice if you would like to ACCEPT it in your life.

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