Mind Grasp

Reflection #12

Mind Grasp

It’s been quite sometime huh?

I guess I’ve pushed back this day hoping I had more control over my current state.

Since we’ve last spoken I’ve progressed positively emotionally, mentally and spiritually to a state I desired to obtain.

Mind Grasp.

Grasping of the Mind.

Continuously a hard thing to wrap our hands around because our mind is continuously evolving. Our perspectives and bias opinions are always changing to the point we don’t even know ourselves on a daily basis. But changing in a good way. Closer to our destiny mentally.

We learn New things.

Center around Different Environments.

We Evolve.

Within the past two years I’ve been able to logically think things through rather than jump the gun on an initial thought. This is a major accomplishment because this used to hold me back from a lot of social experiences. Trying to obtain a healthy control over the mind is a necessity. It gets you through your emotions and pushes you closer to who you need to be in this world.

I used to hate people and now I run a business for people.

Face to Face, Verbal to Verbal, Message to Message contact.

Who would have thought.

However, now that I’m getting close to grasping my purpose in life due to what my mind graviates too, life has become so much easier. Once you realize who you actually are becoming, your grip starts to release.


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