Old Ways Won’t Open NEW doors

Reflection #14

Welcome to another Wednesday blog posting where we tap within and focus on self-development.

Old ways won’t open NEW doors.

Say it out loud now.

Doesn’t that just send shivers all over your body?

How many times do we wish for new things in our lives but don’t want to take the proper steps or do the necessary work to obtain it?

If you didn’t say a lot, I’ll say a lot for you.

It’s hard to change things about ourselves because of our desired goals. We subconsciously think we can reach things without having to change anything. Because who ideally wants to change?

It’s only when our goals and our lifestyles happen to cross paths that we then force ourselves to further develop and “choose”.

Progression is a key component if you are trying to obtain a lifestyle you’ve never lived before. Most of us, I won’t say all, are striving for the unknown territory. Territory we dream about. Territory we feel in our hearts. “Our Desired Life Outcome” I’ll call it.

In order to reach this territory a lot of work will need to be put in. A lot of opening and closing doors.

You have to be willing to push yourself outside your comfort zone to get to that “Desired Life Outcome”. Try new things. Try odd things. Learn about the true you and do not care how you may be portrayed.

Force yourself into an unknown territory to learn again and possibly fail. It’s okay to fail. It’s wonderful to fail. Failing means you were willing to take risks.

Being okay with consistency means you are scared of risks and possible rejection. You therefore would be too scared to learn about your own weaknesses. The only way to truly succeed is to uncover those weaknesses and try until you conquer the hurdles.

As I push myself to open a new door, I’m pushing my readers to do the same. Take a step into a new journey, a journey of Optimistic Searchings.

Define Who?

Reflection #13

Define who?

Who are we to define how an individual should look or how it technically looks to be healthy?

A topic that has been debated for years, has surfaced again in a new light.

I saw a picture yesterday on Essence’s Instagram that made me feel remarkably happy and inspired. A women, who seemed to be hiking in MachuPicchu, was rocking her athletic gear and letting the world know she made it and was there to conquer. Or at least that’s what I was thinking in my head.

Before I continue rambling, here is the photo below;

Isn’t it dope? I love how this photo makes her seem very knowledgeable about her physical strength, but with confidence. Back to the forefront of the topic, why are images like this never shown in athletic campaigns or as a health image? To me it seems that she is very fit with her abs in formation like Beyoncé and her arms looking stronger than the Rock Johnson’s.

This picture is just so powerful.

In yesterday’s Facebook live stream I discussed how setting your own path on how to live is important. No one is you. No one can be you. No one can declare who you are. There is nothing wrong  with following helpful guides and tips on how to be healthier and in better shape for yourself. However, in the end of the day you will need to decide on what is the end goal that makes you feel the best. What in the end makes you feel happy. What in the end makes you feel the most confident.

Make yourself a priority. At the end of the day, you’re your longest commitment.

Stand by that.

Learn about yourself.

Love yourself.

Challenge yourself.

Be one with yourself.

But most of all, be accepting of yourself.


Mind Grasp

Reflection #12

Mind Grasp

It’s been quite sometime huh?

I guess I’ve pushed back this day hoping I had more control over my current state.

Since we’ve last spoken I’ve progressed positively emotionally, mentally and spiritually to a state I desired to obtain.

Mind Grasp.

Grasping of the Mind.

Continuously a hard thing to wrap our hands around because our mind is continuously evolving. Our perspectives and bias opinions are always changing to the point we don’t even know ourselves on a daily basis. But changing in a good way. Closer to our destiny mentally.

We learn New things.

Center around Different Environments.

We Evolve.

Within the past two years I’ve been able to logically think things through rather than jump the gun on an initial thought. This is a major accomplishment because this used to hold me back from a lot of social experiences. Trying to obtain a healthy control over the mind is a necessity. It gets you through your emotions and pushes you closer to who you need to be in this world.

I used to hate people and now I run a business for people.

Face to Face, Verbal to Verbal, Message to Message contact.

Who would have thought.

However, now that I’m getting close to grasping my purpose in life due to what my mind graviates too, life has become so much easier. Once you realize who you actually are becoming, your grip starts to release.