Justice System + All Lives Matter = Unity

Reflection # 10

Justice System + All Lives Matter = Unity

This post might seem irrelevant to my other content but it’s something that needs to be said.

As people, we tend to filter out our actions between our own thought processes. We tend to take the easier route out of things, rather than support our initial beliefs.

Another man was killed today by our wonderful “justice system”. Like a piece of meat, right out in the open with no care for the life or soul it once lived. This issue continuously is  getting out of hand. Resulting in the justice system being injustice because of the hundreds of deaths occurring every couple of months.

I cannot wrap my head around this.

How is this legal?

This issue is past the point of white vs. black.

The real issue is there seems to be an “entitled group” allowed to dominate our lives with no repercussions. People should not get killed by cops, found neither guilty or innocent.

I’m a firm supporter against gun violence and trafficking.

AMERICA is not the land of freedom, it’s the land for freedom to die and be oppressed.

How can anyone be safe in this country? Who is actually protected? In my opinion,  police are just another example of gang voilence that cannot be categorized.

As a Summary:

Murdering innocent men based on profiling seems to be okay in this country.

Increased homicides due to “misjudgment” seems to be okay in this country.





This needs to stop.


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