Personal Goals vs. Your Environment

Reflection # 8

Personal Goals vs. Your Environment

So, yea, it’s been a while. I’ve been super busy, with my resume business and this wonderful website of mine. Adding content on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. Trying to give it love and attention to continuously immerse it into greatness.

With that being said, it’s time to post my actual thoughts. Post my actual opinions, so as a reader you can get a look into who I am. It’s time for me to vent and just “talk”.

Personal goals, we all have them I hope. From losing weight to picking up a new hobby, personal goals are what keeps us progressing towards an improved version of ourselves. No personal goal is stupid in my opinion, personal goals form you into your own identity. Although we may have desired accomplishments, our environment; people, living situation, jobs, state, weather etc., may not allow us to pursue it.  I find myself getting caught in between choosing which one I would like to control my destiny. It’s hard to have the same focus and effort on your own personal goals if your environment is not always supportive.

I find myself distanced from things I don’t want to entertain for a long period of time. Or sometimes I find myself saying “ahhh f it all, I’ll be fine with a little fun or a distraction from my personal goal”. What I’m struggling most with currently is choosing what my personal goals should be. I toss ideas in my head on a daily, but it seems like my environment is still effecting my personal goals. Environment influences directly related to finances. I mean think about it, if someone would write you a blank check towards something you really need what would you ask for? I believe I would ask for financial support to complete some certifications and possibly go back to school. The thought of adding on more debt with loans is not an option for me. I will not continue to be this financial slave. Always paying bills to help entities around me and barely being able to help myself….

I’m going to figure it out though. I will not let this break me down. Where there is a will, there is definitely a way. I will get this done. I always gave myself until 30 years old to be completed with Grad’s school. I have a few more months to figure this out

As you can see there is a lot on my mind because I always getting side tracked with my own thoughts.

The purpose of this post is to let you realize there will always be outside influences (your environment) that can affect your personal goals.

Don’t let it deteriorate you.

If you want it, you can obtain it.

You just have to be focused and proactive.

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