Listening To Your Gut

Reflection # 7

Listening To Your Gut

Always listen to your gut feeling.  But don’t force yourself to believe a predetermined gut feeling. Let your emotions and mind talk to each other to get “your” true perspective on it. Your gut proves to sway your movement and judgment more than your very own brain in some situations.

Depending on how you operate. If you sense something , good or bad,  just take note of it,observe it and then form an opinion.

The wonderful thing about life is that we are continuously faced with different obstacles. Now however you view those obstacles are by choice. My stance on viewing them is “whatever happens, happens “. Within Reason. If you know it’s something that should not be tolerated, address it and then decide how to go forth with it.

I’m in a space that I can learn everyday, on my own for my own. In a space that I can appreciate the chances to learn and grow. In a space that I can make my own decisions and reactions based on what has occurred. I am not perfect, far from it. I lack the true meaning of social skills. But I’m trying. I want to learn how to control “Sophia” better. Become more Calm and Collective. Become a better person for people to want to be around.

So to make this post short, my final verdict is take note of your gut feeling but wait out whatever is creating that gut feeling. Patience. WOOOOSAHHHH. Sometimes we just need those 10 minutes of silence to reevaluate our initial gut and form our opinion.

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