Go Crazy! It’s Wholefoods!!!

One hour to use,where should I go?

I decided to go to Whole Foods! I wanted to browse and get some creative thoughts flowing for future recipes. Error number one, never go into Whole Foods without a plan,never browse. I say this  only because Whole Foods displays a whole lotta food lol Yea, not quite sure why I thought that punch line would be funny. Anywho, as I was saying, you must have an idea of what you want to purchase from there before going in.However, in this case I did not.

I’m fortunate enough to work next to a WF location, so spontaneous visits are always fun and expensive.So I decided that I would start tracking my weekly finds,to justify if going to Whole Foods was fun enough or just expensive enough.

Below are the sale items I purchased today;

Calab Ricotta Cheese: $4.39


365 Chicken Broth:$2.19

Red Potatoes:$2.99

365 Extra Virgin Olive Oil: $21.99


Thank you for tuning in.

Sip Sip,


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